Pressure Sensitive hotmelt EHM 84580 (15Kg box)




A standard, strong and sticky pressure sensitive, hot melt adhesive. Standard packed in blocks of approx. 0.5 Kg.

Special features:
EHM 84580 a pressure sensitive hotmelt, suitable for a variety of substrates.

Special properties of the adhesive:

  • Very high heat resistance
  • Good adhesion to variety of substrates
  • Pressure sensitive
  • Good cohesive strength

Technical data:

  • Composition : Hotmelt adhesive based on synthetic polymer
  • Viscosity (Brookfield) : 7400 mPa.s (Spindle 27; 20 rpm; 160°C).
  • Ring & Ball (Softening point) : 97°C
  • Colour (visual) : Amber
  • Form : 0,5Kg block

Method of application:

  • 150°C – 180°C depending upon substrates to be bonded. Suitable for slot, nozzle or wheel systems.


  • Carton box of 15 kg. containing hot melt blocks of 0.2 -1 kg’s.


  • Keep in closed containers. Store in a cool and dry place preferably at 5°C – 25°C.
    Use “first in first out” principle. The shelf life is at least three years.