Packaging hot melt adhesive standard – White EHM 50082 (H4032)(20Kg sack)




EHM 50082 is suitable for many different applications like slow case packers and fast carton sealers.
Special properties of the adhesive:
High thermostability

  •  Fast setting speed
  •  Excellent bond quality
  •  Heat resistant
  •  Deepfreeze resistant

Technical data:

  • Composition : Hotmelt adhesive based on synthetic polymer
  • Brookfield viscosity : 1.175 mPa.s ( 160°C)
  • Ball & Ring softening point : 110°C
  • Open time : Medium- Short
  • Molten tack : High
  • Colour : White
  • Form : Pastilles

Application in EU food packaging:
Conform European Regulations on Food Safety set forth in the frame work law (1935/2004/EG) and the Plastics Implementation Measure (PIM, 10/2011/EG), this adhesive can be safely used in food packaging. It is the duty of the converter to test the final products’ food safety.

Application in US food packaging:
Conform to FDA CFR 21§ 175.105 (adhesives)
Suggested application temperature:
150°C – 160°C depending upon substrates to be bonded. The hotmelt can be running on jet, wheel and dauber systems.

20 kg. PE sack.

Keep in closed containers. Shelf life is six months.
Store in a cool and dry place preferably at 5°C – 25°C. Use “first in first out” principle.