labelling adhesive – synthetic ice water resistant 5981/1 K8 (PR 1274)


LABELLING: P 5981/1 K8 is a synthetic ice water resistant adhesive for glass bottle labelling (wet and dry).
The adhesive exhibits excellent flow properties and can be used on most automatic labelling machines.
P 5981/1 K8 has a long open time and good tack properties, short setting time and is very good on cold/wet bottles.
This adhesive has been perfumed on request.

Technical data:

  • Composition : Dispersion adhesive based on acrylates
  • Brookfield viscosity : 80.000 mPa.s (HAT; spindle 7; 20 rpm; 20°C)
  • Solid content : 41,0 %
  • pH : 8,4
  • Colour : Off white

Application in food packaging:
Conform to FDA CFR 21§ 175.105 (adhesives)

Method of application:
A working temperature between 20°C and 30°C usually gives the best result.
P 5981/1 K8 can be applied by wheel and roller systems.

Cleaning can be performed with water.

25 kgs. drum. – 1000 ltr. container.

Keep the containers closed and preferably store at room temperature.
The adhesive is sensitive to frost.
The shelf life is 6 months.